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IT teaming services

We pledge to provide cost efficiencies with our signature "Team One" teaming methodology. Within one statement of work, specify your requirements for all team members. As the single source provider, we deliver multiple technology skill sets while ensuring rate consistency and process efficiency. We will place a dedicated recruiting manager at your facility to assemble the precise mix of technical skills, experience and personalities it takes to complete your project, or if you prefer, we will work from our offices in Rockville.

Your technical team comes fully briefed on your project goals. Team members are selected based on their strength of character and desire to see your project through to fruition. We carefully select individuals whose skills and personalities complement those on the team. We have built our excellent reputation on seeking out professionals with not only premier technical ability, but as important to Dimensional, integrity and ethics.

You will define procedures, manage costs, and tailor objectives and schedules throughout the project life cycle. This team reports to you, but you have saved weeks in advertising, pre-screening, screening, reference and background checking, rate negotiation, interviewing, phone and email tag.

dimensional is an MDOT certified MBE/DBE.

"Team One" teaming

Cost discounts are substantial and the ease of dealing with one vendor makes this option invaluable.





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