the value of dimensional

IT staffing services

We ensure that you get the best information technology consultant or employee the first time; faster than your internal HR can source a person. We provide the technical candidate screening, reference checking, rate negotiation and in-person interviewing that frequently consumes your work day.

Your dedicated account manager will meet with you to obtain a thorough understanding of your internal systems operation or that of your customer's, including the organization's culture. Attention is focused on the examination of intangible aspects of the corporate environment in addition to the technical requirements. Once your account manager thoroughly understands your hiring needs, a specific technical requirement is prepared. Our system matches candidate's skill sets with your requirements using specific algorithms. Next, the account manager and his/her technical recruiter(s) begins the rigourous process of finding the most qualified candidate.

The technical recruiter performs a detailed manual review of each resume from our large consultant pool, using his or her years of technology knowledge to "read between the lines" in determining whether the technical specialist has the depth of experience required to ensure your project's success. Next, the recruiter places numerous screening calls to the most select professionals. Thorough technical interviews are conducted, and job relevant references are checked with professionals who have worked in a managerial capacity over the candidate.

Prior to submittal, your technical recruiter submitts the final candidates to your account manager. At which time, interviews are conducted by your dimensional account manager, and ONLY the most select candidate(s) are presented to you. A detailed summary of relevant experience, rate, date of availability, and miscellanious relevant facts about the candidate are provided at time of candidate submittal.

Screening for precise technical skills and competency is only a small part of our rigorous selection criteria. Our consultants must convince us that they are committed to the successful outcome of your over-all project. Does this person share our commitment to maintaining integrity? Will this person "jump ship" mid-stream? Does the candidate seem driven too much monetarily...a few of the important questions. Careful attention is placed on the assessment of the candidates principals and interpersonal skills. If the candidate meets dimensional's high standards of performance, a pay range or hourly rate, is negotiated and confirmed. If the candidate is technically a perfect match, but does not represent our core values, we will not submit the candidate to our client. Our client relationship is more important than the placement of a consultant.



We guarantee our service. Once our consultant(s) begin work, your dedicated account manager tracks your project along with your program/technical manager and our IT professional. If you are for any reason dissatisfied; dimensional will replace the person immediately. You may chose to contract with us on a time and materials, fixed hourly basis, or directly hire a technology specialist as your full-time salaried, benefited employee.

Dimensional is a certified MDOT-MBE/DBE, an SBA registered SMALL WOMAN-OWNED BUSINESS and SBR certified.

IT staffing with dimensional allows you time to focus on your       core business.

When you prefer to maintain project control, but need pre-qualified, technical consultants for your team, Dimensional is the answer.




A candidate's resume is not submitted to you until the professional is screened, both technically and interpersonally, and an hourly rate (for contract support), or full-time salary (for an employee) is confirmed.. When you receive our consultant's resume, the professional is a match, in every way, for your assignment. There is no need to interview the consultant. However, we are happy to schedule interviews at your convenience.



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