the value of dimensional

project referral program


  • Management may approve or decline any referral.
  • A referral bonus form must be completed prior to the placement of the consultant.
  • The opportunity cannot exist in the Dimensional database at the time the bonus form is submitted to Dimensional.
  • Bonus money is paid after contractor has completed 520 work hours (approximately 90 days from start of assignment).
  • Referral bonus money is subject to state and federal taxation.


  • Individuals not employed by Dimensional, (except client personnel, subcontractors, all Dimensional staff employees, and relatives of Dimensional employees).
  • Independent contractors.

REFER YOURSELF for a position, and earn a $500-$1000 referral bonus.



Do you know of a company in need of technical support?

Bonuses available when a consultant with whom you have referred has worked on a dimensional assignment for a minimum of three months.





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